History of The Catoctin Inn


The following except is taken from Nancy Bodmer’s, The Past Revisited, Buckeystown and Other Historical Sites:


“The back section of this imposing brick house, was the original home of George Buckey, who established a tannery at the spring, down the hill from his residence around 1775.  George’s brother, John was the tavern owner across the road and the town was named for these two industrious brothers.  A complete history of the Buckey’s can be found in this book.  George Buckey died in 1823.  This began a legacy that was to influence the village, as much, or even more than the arrival of the Buckey brothers.  According to a family history written by Cartie H. Thomas, “The Buckey brick house, the oldest in town, to which Daniel had brought his bride, had long since become inadequate.  As built in 1790, the house was one and a half stores.  In the 1850’s the roof was raised, the back building enlarged and the entire house remodeled.  In the north sitting room the family life was led.  He believed in taking his children into his confidence.”  Daniel and Kitty’s eldest son, William G. Baker, moved into the family house with his wife, Susan Jones, and the elder Bakers moved to the southern end of town.  In 1888, “Billy” Baker became the head of the lime and stone business after his father’s death.


The property finally left the Baker family after 123 years when Ella King Prime purchased it in 1955.  There have been several owners since then, Erwin and Lydia Markgraf are remembered for the antique shop they operated in the restored carriage house.  They purchased the house and 3.77 acres in 1978.  The open porches on the back section of the house were enclosed by the Markgraf’s.  The center hall is gracious with parlors on either side.  The porch was extended around the south side of the house around 1900 as can be seen in the comparative pictures in this book.  In 1990, Terry and Sarah MacGillivray and Sarah’s mother Avadna Coghill purchased the property and have reopened the antique business in the carriage house and a bed and breakfast in the brick home.”


The Catoctin Inn was recently purchased in February 2005 by Rita Waltz and Bruce H. Lubick.  Today, The Catoctin Inn is now a full service Bed & Breakfast/Conference Center.  Rita’s expanded vision for The Catoctin Inn includes:

•      Quills at the Catoctin - Authentic Colonial Cuisine Restaurant. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, Monday-Saturday and brunch on Sunday.

•      Catoctin Catering - Award winning on & offsite caterers. We also offer event planning services for weddings, corporate events, family reunions, etc.  Colonial Hall accommodates up to 250 guests.

•      Serenity Spa - Full service luxurious day spa scheduled to open late spring ’05.

•      Camellias - Custom floral design services for your special events such as weddings, bridal showers and corporate functions.


The property includes five permanent structures:  the Manor House, the Smoke House, the Staff Cottage, the Carriage House and stables, which were originally built circa 1780 by the Buckey brothers.  These buildings have undergone a number of restorations and uses.  Recent restorations include the 1998 conversion of the stables into an 8 guest room structure.  With the new layout, Catoctin has 16 rental units and a conference center. 


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